Topic #8 Opposite Words


The American players mostly play for material things like money and cars while they are in the NFL. In contrast, the Italians play because the game means something to them and they want to play it for fun.


The players in Parma trust Rick from the start because they truly believe that he will lead them to a Super Bowl win. The NFL teams do not trust him anymore because of what he did in his last game with Cleveland.


The people in America seem to hate Rick simply because he played bad in one game. He is shunned or ridiculed everywhere he goes. In Italy, the people love him from the start and everyone involved with the Panthers accepts him with loving arms and tries to make him feel comfortable.

Hard work/Laziness

After a disappointing loss, Rick dedicates himself to working harder and gaining the faith of his teammates back because he hadn’t been giving it his all. At Rick’s first practice he is thinking that he shouldn’t have to do the running just because he is a quarterback, which shows how lazy he can be at times.


In Cleveland, Rick must live in humility after his embarrassing last performance. It seems that he will never regain a good reputation. However, in Parma, Rick is credited with one of the best passes ever as he leads the Panthers to the Super Bowl and is able to fix his self-confidence with one throw.

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