Topic #6 Favorite Phrases

“I love you man. You’re the greatest, Arn,” (192).

I liked this quote because it showed a different side of Rick towards Arnie. Usually he is somewhat critical of Arnie and always demanding more. Here, he is grateful for Arnie and shows that he really does appreciate him.

“Three months after he fled Cleveland, they were still eating his carcass,” (158).

This quote shows that Rick is still hated in Cleveland and I like the figure of speech used at the end. It shows that he can’t escape his past.

“I say we take it easy tonight,” (137).

This shows that Rick has a conscience and that he is trying to be a leader despite his earlier mistakes. I respect him more because this shows that he has some self control.

“And I haven’t seen a single tanning salon in Parma,” (217).

This quote shows the differences in culture and how people in Italy don’t care as much about getting a tan because most of them are already dark skinned.

“These guys have real jobs, “(41).

This shows that the Italians have a life outside of football and that they can’t depend on it for money like so many American players do.

“I’m trying to ease you into Italian culture,” (45).

I like this because it shows that Sam understands that Rick must be uncomfortable and that he is trying to help him out. It shows a little bit of who Sam is and the understanding that he shows.

“Says the team was unable to find a decent quarterback in the off-season so we’re screwed again,” (75).

This shows a little of Sly’s humor and that he is comfortable with Rick. The American connection allows them to joke with each other like this and Sly usually provides some humor when he is present.

“They were ready for war,” (106).

This shows that the Italians take it seriously and that they really want to win. I like this because it shows a side of them that isn’t friendly and loving, but rather fierce and determined.

“The Italian players had quickly adopted their American teammates,” (120).

I like this because it shows who the Italians really are. They are loving and accepting and it shows that football players don’t always have to act big and bad.

“Time expired, and the Panthers of Parma had their first Super Bowl trophy,” (252).

I like this because it shows that they have finally reached their goal of winning and that bringing in Rick was worth it. It gives a sense of relief after such a long season.

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