Topic #1 Summary

Playing for Pizza is about an American quarterback named Rick Dockery that soon finds himself jobless after a dismal performance in his last NFL game. His agent gets him the only deal he can with a team from Parma, Italy. Rick decides to give it a try and moves into a completely new culture with new people. His new teammates welcome him with open arms and look to him for leadership. Rick doesn’t disappoint when he leads them to a win in the first game of the season. Perhaps overconfident, Rick loses his focus one weekend and plays poorly while also losing the trust of his teammates. After this, Rick works extremely hard and helps the Panthers win their last couple games and eventually get to the Italian Super Bowl. The Panthers go on to win the Super Bowl against their rivals, the Bergamo Lions, as Rick throws one of the best passes ever to Fabrizio. After the season, Rick goes on a vacation with his girlfriend Livvy.

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