Topic #10 Book Review

The book Playing for Pizza is a good novel to read for anyone that is interested in a fun fiction novel. Grisham makes the characters very realistic and their close relationships make it easy to follow along. Rick is a character that is easy to get attached to because from the start he has to overcome setbacks. The culture change made it interesting for me because I didn’t really know anything about Italy before I read this book. I like how Rick seems like a real American guy and I think his interest in women gives the book an element of American culture throughout. I wish Grisham would have made a dramatic twist to the plot at the end because throughout the whole book I always got the feeling that the Panthers would eventually win the Super Bowl. I would recommend this book because it is easy to read and can actually teach you a little about a culture that most people don’t know much about. The main character has many qualities that make it easy to feel for him and the Italians’ warm hearts are something that every reader can get into.

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