Topic #5 Major Change in the Main Character

The major change that happens in the main character’s life in this story is his agent Arnie convincing him to move to Parma, Italy. Rick grew up in the middle of the United States and has grown accustomed to the American culture. Suddenly he is pushed into a completely unknown part of the world and must immediately try to make friends with his new teammates. Although his coach helps him, Rick still struggles at first to accept the new world that he lives in. Another change that Rick goes through is his position with his team. In the NFL, Rick was a backup to a backup and rarely ever touched the field. He was moved around several times a year and never really found a place for himself. In Italy, Rick is hailed by his new teammates and is his opinions are greatly appreciated. Rick’s mindset is also changing because he is realizing the real important things in life. In America, all he cared about was trying to make it big and finding pretty cheerleaders. In Italy, he is beginning to grasp the real joys of playing football and the brotherhood that comes with it. Although Rick doesn’t really want these drastic changes at first, it is obvious that they have a positive impact on his life.

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