Topic #4 Opinion of the Main Character

Rick Dockery is a twenty eight year old NFL quarterback that is cut several times a year because he isn’t a necessity. He becomes the most hated man in Cleveland after throwing away a trip to the Super Bowl in less than one full quarter. When he is forced to flee the country after being accused of impregnating a cheerleader, he winds up in Parma, Italy without a clue as to what he is doing. I like the fact that Rick is willing to make changes. He goes from something that seems so natural to him to playing in a completely different part of the world with people he doesn’t know. I also like that Rick is willing to continue to pursue his dream. After a terrible game, he could have easily quit football forever and gone in a different direction in life. Instead, he decides to play another season and try to get his career back on track because football is the only thing he has ever known. I don’t like that Rick is so worried about his personal image throughout the book. I think it was cowardly of him to run from Cleveland and to not even go home because he is scared of what his dad will say. Everyone makes mistakes and I don’t like the fact that he tries to run away from his. I think he deserves praise for following his dream, but I think he could just as well be criticized for his approach to women. He is angry at Arnie when he finds out that there are no cheerleaders in Parma. But should that really matter? He didn’t go to Italy for a relationship, he went to play football. I don’t think he should be so worried about meaningless hookups with cheerleaders that he will never speak to again.

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