Topic #2 Title Significance

The title of this novel, Playing for Pizza, is significant because of how it depicts the new culture that Rick enters. Rick grew up as a star quarterback in Iowa and is now an NFL player. After living the dream of being an American professional athlete, his career in the NFL is cut short after a terrible game. Now, after growing up dreaming of the money and the fame that being an NFL quarterback can bring, he is left without a job. Upon moving to Parma, Italy to be a quarterback for a team he’s never heard of, Rick soon finds out that there is more to football than pretty cheerleaders and fame. The men of Parma play the game because they simply love it. While some of the American players get paid small salaries, most of the Italian-born players play only for the friendships that are made and the pizza after the games and practices. Rick soon finds out that life isn’t all about living in the fast lane and that sometimes, being with good people is all you need. The title symbolizes Rick’s life coming together at last. The “pizza” part symbolizes Italy, his new home and the first home he’s had in years. “Playing” symbolizes his real love of football and how it has guided his life to all corners of the world.

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